The Start of the MWC is at the Longley Hotel and the finish is the pinnacle of Mt Wellington. The course is 21.3km long and is mostly up hill with a total elevation gain of 1,167m.

The Mt Wellington Challenge is Australia’s toughest time trial for a very good reason. Not only is the course a challenging climb but the weather is an important factor. Hobart’s weather can be unpredictable at the best of times and changes can occur on the mountain even more quickly and dramatically. It could be sunny and warm at the start and windy and cold at the pinnacle. In 2006 the event had to finish at the Springs due to snow and wind at the pinnacle.


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It’s not always cold though. Hobart’s latitude of 42.5 degrees south is equivalent to Madrid, Spain (42.45 degrees north). On a good day temperatures in Hobart can easily reach over 25C and the sun is hotter than most travelers would expect. The variability of weather conditions in Autumn is also greater so come prepared for sun, rain, hail, snow and possibly all of the above at the same time!

Riding up you will generally keep warm from exertion, however gloves, wind vest and arm & leg warmers are recommended even if it’s a sunny day at Longley.  Each participant is requested to also pack a small bag of warm clothes and a rain jacket that can be handed to event officials when you sign in. We will transport your bag to the finish line at the pinnacle for you to collect when you finish.  Then you will have something to put on to keep you warm and dry for the long ride back down the mountain to the Start at Longley for the BBQ lunch. Please make sure that you are able to identify your own bag so that it is easy to find at the end of the climb.

The event will be held regardless of the weather. Only in the extreme situation where it is considered dangerous for the event to continue will the event be amended (eg. finish at the Springs if the road beyond is too dangerous) or cancelled as a last resort. In the event of the event being cancelled altogether, registered participants will have their entry fee refunded less $5 for administration costs.

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Course Details

  • Online Registrations are now open.
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  • The maximum participants allowed is 300 and registrations will not be taken once this number has been reached, whether by online registration or on the day. If you are registering on the day, you will need to attend the registration desk prior to 8:20 am. If possible,please pre-register early to avoid disappointment.
  • Registration will open on Sunday 6th March at the Longley Hotel car park at 7:30 am. ALL participants will need to register on the morning of the event before 8:30 am.
  • Each participant will be assigned a start time which will be provided to you when you sign-in at the Registration desk on the morning of the event.
  • Your number will be provided at Sign-In and will need to be pinned to the rear of your jersey (safety pins will be provided)
  • A pre-event briefing will be held at 8:40 am.
  • Participants should get to the start line 5 minutes before their nominated start time. Please listen to and obey Event Officials who will maintain the order of participants starting
  • Competitors will be set off in groups of 5 with 1 minute intervals between each wave of riders
  • If you miss your start, report immediately to Registration. You may be re-allocated a number, ride at the end when all other riders have started, or earlier if officials have a time slot available. It’s much easier for all if you just don’t miss your start time!
  • The event starts at the Longley Hotel.
  • The course follows Huon Road turning Left onto Pillinger Drive and then it’s 12km to the top. The course finishes just below the car park at the top of Mt Wellington.
  • NO drafting is allowed. This is difficult to enforce. If we have reports and evidence (photos) of participants doing this, their finish times will not be added to the event result.
  • Total distance is 21.3 km, total elevation gain is 1,167m; go to
  • A BBQ will be held at Longley at the completion of the event.