Event Information

In order to make sure the event is a positive and safe experience for participants  there will be a maximum of 300 participants across all categories. To avoid the disappointment of missing out we strongly urge you to pre-register online. Pre-registration online is $50 per participant.

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Registration will be available on the day at $60. However, registration on the day will only be available if the maximum participant cap has not already been exceeded.


All participants need to sign-in prior to the event:

Sign-on for the event will occur at the Longley Hotel on the morning of the event. The registration desk will be open from 7.30am where you will pick up your rider number and receive your start time. If you have not pre-entered, please attend the registration desk as early as possible as you will need to sign some paperwork and negotiate an appropriate start time based on your capabilities.

As it is often very cold at the summit (even in March), we encourage you to pack a small bag containing some warm clothes for the descent back down the mountain. This bag can be handed to volunteers at the registration point who will arrange for it to be transported to the pinnacle ready for your arrival. Please ensure that you clearly identify your own bag so that there is no chance of a mix-up at the collection point.

A Pre-Event Briefing will be held at 8:40am. Go to the ‘Course’ page for more information about timing for the event.

The event will begin at 9:00 am and we will be setting riders off in waves of 5 riders with 1 minute intervals. Participants are asked during their registration to indicate their riding ability in order to allocate you with a start time, with early riders being the slowest through to the last riders who will possibly be the fastest. That way everyone in the event will finish within a reasonable time of each other. We encourage  all participants and supporters to join us back at Longley after the event for a BBQ lunch.

Participants Safety

  • Obey all road laws. Tas Police are assisting us with the road safety aspect of the event which includes making sure cyclists obey the road rules as well as drivers of vehicles.
  • YOU are responsible for keeping YOURSELF safe
  • Take plenty of fluid with you (ie. two 700 ml water bottles minimum suggested) and food/energy bar or gel
  • Provide your warm clothing in a clearly labelled bag to Event Officials at the registration desk before 8:15 am
  • Descend the course back to Longley with caution. The descent is NOT a race!

image001The safety of all participants is our utmost priority. Tasmania Police and the Mt Wellington Trust are kindly working with us to have the Pinnacle Road closed to all vehicles between 9:00am and 12pm. After 12pm the road will be open and participants still on the course need to be aware of sharing the road with vehicles. This is another reason we would like slower riders starting earlier. Note Huon Road to the turn off to Pillinger Drive will be open to traffic. The road will be signposted to caution drivers of the event  and both Huon Road and Pillinger Drive turns will be marshaled.

Pillinger Drive (the road to the Pinnacle) is very narrow at points and with many turns so riders and vehicles may come across each other with little warning. The road will be signposted to caution vehicle drivers but please exercise caution at all times. Participants will be riding in both directions, some will still be ascending, others will be descending on their way back to Longley.  Be alert at all times to other road users and stay left for your safety and that of others. Staying left is also the correct etiquette during the event to allow faster riders to pass you safely.

Particpants are responsible for their own safety and condition of their bike. Participants should have their bicycles in perfect working condition prior to the event. We also strongly recommend checking your brake pads and installing new ones if in doubt prior to the event as the ride back down from the pinnacle to the Start at Longley is long, steep and bumpy (as you will find out on the way up!) and is a very challenging ride in itself. Contact your local bike store for assistance if you are not totally confident about doing your own bicycle maintenance and pre-event check. We recommend participants stop and rest at the Springs on the way down. The ride down is not a race so be safe!